Our Virtual Offerings

Free, “By Donation” and Sliding Scale Virtual Offerings from our Practitioners:

 Naushad currently offers 2 sliding scale, donation-based Virtual Classes. $5-$15 per class is appreciated to support these offerings:

Guided Meditation and Breathwork
Enhance clarity. Calm the mind. Settle into the body. Boost vitality using the power of your breath. You will be guided through techniques to restore balance to your nervous system and reduce stress. This class is 30 min.

Core Foundations

This all levels class is focused on building foundational core strength and improving spinal health. Elements of yoga and functional strength are woven together to help you cultivate more mindful awareness in your body. Deal with back pain? The principles covered in this class will help you move more freely, reduce pain, and develop more confidence in your body. We will finish with a meditation.

Melinda Reece:

Donation-based Vedic Counseling

Vedic Counseling offers transformative teachings and practices to promote self-actualization, realizing one’s full potential and true self. It incorporates spiritual teachings and healing disciplines through everyday practices. Vedic life-guidance supports an inner exploration, bringing awareness to our thoughts, our words, our actions and how they affect our life. It honors a multidimensional existence, body, mind, nature, prana and consciousness, aligning with our higher self, our true nature, addressing every aspect of life, physical, psychological and spiritual well being.

Sliding-Scale Ayurveda Health Coaching

The fundamental guidelines are rooted in recommendations for diet, daily and seasonal lifestyle routines, meditation, yoga, herbs and bodywork. Sessions are individualized, holistic and uniquely designed, promoting physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

For more information or to work with Melinda, email us: info@livityrising.com

Nadine Lollino:

Livestream classes open to anyone for free/donation include:

1. Wednesdays 7pm MDT Meditation

2. Thursdays 7p-8:30p MDT MovementLab and freeform dance. Beginning with a half hour guided mindful movement class the last hour is a freeform dance. Mixlr is also needed for better music quality.

3. Saturdays 9:30a-10:30a All Level Yoga

Classes are free/donation with the hopes that those who can afford to donate will, in order to make the classes accessible for those who cannot.

Nadine has a yoga membership for $17/month. There is also an option for a scholarship price for those who cannot afford the full amount monthly. This membership includes a continually growing yoga video library, with classes for level 1, level 2, all level, and specifics like classes for low back health, shoulders, wrists, hips. The library also has many guided meditations including Yoga Nidra (guided relaxations). Also included are all the livestream classes.

For more information or to work with Nadine, email us: info@livityrising.com

All classes are hosted on Zoom and can be registered for at: 

Marissa Riojas:

Sliding Scale Virtual Offering: Getting Started with the Covid-19 Self-Care Guide

Marissa is available for a 45 minute one-on-one Guided Tutorial and Q&A session regarding the contents of the Covid-19 Self-Care Guide. This can be a one-time session to get you started with the guide, or it can be an ongoing tutorial. Sliding scale pricing per session $15-$45 (Payments accepted via Venmo, Cashapp, or Square ).

For more information or to work with Marissa, email us: info@livityrising.com

Leah Van Winkle:

Free/Donation-Based Virtual Offering: Yoga for Nervous System Regulation 

Tuesdays 9 am on Zoom

In this gentle, accessible to all yoga class, we’ll explore ways of regulating the vagus nerve, which can have a profound impact on our capacity to feel present & empathetic while improving the function of the digestive system and overall feeling of regulation. Throughout this practice, we will move through gentle poses to cultivate somatic awareness & honor what’s present physically, emotionally & spiritually, moving toward relaxation and ease.

For more information or to work with Leah, email us: info@livityrising.com

Pay It Forward! Monetary gifts and donations are greatly appreciated and support our free and low-cost work in the community.