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Livity Rising is a healing arts, community service organization committed to making Holistic Wellness equitable, accessible and affordable for all.

Livity is the life force that exists within and flows through all living things. Livity is a Rastafari concept meaning “lifestyle” or way of life. In the context of Livity Rising, it’s being open, connected, and creative with your life; the quest to live with reverent ingenuity and reciprocal blessings. A positive livity signifies living in harmony with Self, Community and Nature in ways that support the health and wellbeing of the Earth and all life.

The impact of Reggae music and Rastafari have been an integral part of the lives of many of our team members. The sweet rhythms and powerful lyrics of Reggae music have uplifted, soothed and deeply inspired us. Reggae, which has deep roots in Rastafari spiritual beliefs and practices, spreads the message of “One Love,” unity and the need for human kind to dismantle oppressive systems across the globe. “The message is in the music.” Ras Timote Peterson (LR Advisory Board member)

Our Response
to Systemic Racism:

Dear Community,

Our Livity Rising family feels deep grief and outrage over the many Black (and Brown) lives lost due to racial injustice. Additionally, we recognize there have been enormous and compounding impacts on the health of black and brown bodies, minds, and spirits because of the enduring systemic abuse. We are aware that communities of color are disproportionately impacted during disasters; from climate disasters to Covid-19.

We stand in solidarity with the groundswell of action against racism and believe it is our duty to demand and work for systemic change to end the epidemic of racism and blatant inequality. We strive to be part of the solution. We pledge to seek, learn, listen, and to rise up against systems of racism and injustice wherever we can. We must root out the deep unconscious racial bias and white supremacy that permeates our culture. We will support policies that help to eliminate racial inequality, speak up for and continue to be of service to those persecuted based on the color of their skin. We acknowledge there is a lot of work to be done. We are inspired by the voices of change, and we join them in the hope of seeing racism totally eradicated. 

This time of crucial uprising deepens our commitment to our mission of making Holistic Wellness Services equitable and accessible to all members of the communities we serve. We support transforming trauma into resilience through our values of compassion, equity, collaboration, and empowerment. 

COVID-19 Response:

Dear Community,

In recognition of our shared vulnerability and need for collective safety, Livity Rising has postponed our in-person Free Community Healing Clinics and Backstage Wellness Services. However, while we’re all Sheltered In Place, we are here for you. Our team is working and available by phone, email, and video. Additionally we have created a comprehensive Holistic Wellness Resources section on this site which includes Self-Care support videos a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Wellness booklet (en Espanol), and many other resources. We’ll share more as we continue to develop our action plan. Check our website and socials for specific details.

Carrying out our mission to foster well-being, healing, and connection remains crucial as we strive to support and uplift one another through this uncharted territory. In these uncertain times, together we’re better. 

Be well, friends,

Livity Rising

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Livity Rising

Livity Rising is a Healing Arts Community Service organization. We offer Holistic Wellness Services; both virtually and in-person, Backstage Wellness Services, Community Healing Clinics, and Activism opportunities.

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Livity Rising

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Livity Rising


Right now, stress levels are really high for so many people. The main, little acknowledged and thus little appreciated reason, is the skill of everything “COVID-19” to re-trigger Somatic Emotional Memories, (SEMs), stored in our bodies and neurophysiology. If you are not familiar with SEMs and how they impact us then you might wish to read the post from 14th March – COVID-19 & SOMATIC EMOTIONAL MEMORIES, (SEMs).

For many people the resurgence of their SEMs is tipping their Autonomic Nervous System, (ANS), out of kilter. Their ANS perceives they are in danger and must defend and protect. To explain a little further let’s take a simple lesson in neuroscience...

The ANS is composed of two parts:

• The Sympathetic Nervous System, (SNS) which instigates the defence responses of FRIGHT, FLIGHT, and FIGHT; and
• The Parasympathetic Nervous System, (PNS) which is now understood to be composed of two parts, (profound gratitude to Professor Stephen Porges and his Polyvagal Theory):
- The Ventral Vagal (VV) aspect involved in SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT and ORIENTING TO SAFETY; and
- The Dorsal Vagal (DV) aspect involved in the defence responses of FREEZE, (conservation) and FAWN, (people pleasing).

Now! The preferred method of defence any nervous system chooses for a given time/situation can vary depending on:

• the type of threat being faced; or
• the way the nervous system has been wired by threats in our very early years. Here I am making reference to ACEs, (Adverse Childhood Events) and ABEs (Adverse Babyhood Events).

And it is the latter – the way we have been wired – that is really causing problems for many people right now. A nervous system that is hard wired and habituated to do a specific defence response is not a nervous system that has options or choice. It is not a nervous system that has resilience. Instead, it is a nervous system that lacks flex.

So, I’d like to give you two simple tools to begin to re-introduce flex into your nervous system and thereby help reduce current anxiety levels:


One of the easiest things to do is what I call VENTRAL VAGAL ORIENTING, i.e. move your head on your neck, looking with your eyes at what is in your immediate environment. See what your eyes are curious about; the shape; the colour; the detail.

Keep your eyes at the same horizontal level, e.g. do not tip your head to bring your right ear to your right shoulder or tip your head backwards to look upwards. Nor push your head to turn more than is reasonably comfortable, i.e. do not push the turning past the point of beginning to sense resistance. Such movements are big for a traumatised nervous system and strain the constriction patterns in the neck and shoulder muscles that are successfully managing/containing activation energies. Right now it is best these containments aren’t forcibly fractured.

N.B. You can also do Ventral Vagal Orienting with your ears by alternating listening to near and far sounds. Or even via your skin, e.g. connecting to your sense of your body touching things in places on your skin. This is still prompting internal brain orienting in your mind’s eye.

Ventral Vagal Orienting works to engage the musculature of the social engagement system - the eyes muscles, (the middle ear muscles if you use near and far listening), and the neck and throat muscles. All of these relate to the VV aspect of the ANS. Hence, if you haven’t already guessed, Ventral Vagal Orienting works to recover the tone in the VV aspect of the PNS. And this is important at times such as COVID-19, because the more tone we have in our VV, the less tone there can be in our DV and so our nervous system is able to flex out of freeze.

Initiating Ventral Vagal Orienting usually prompts an immediate organic bigger inhalation, (i.e. you naturally take a bigger in-breath), as the DV releases its hold on your breathing apparatus - your rib musculature and your diaphragm come out of freeze at least a little, even if only temporarily. It is important you witness this change in the moment – give the different neuronal signalling of more spacious breathing time to reach as much of your brain as possible.

When you are under constant stress it is important to develop discipline and ritual about doing Ventral Vagal Orienting, as this is a key way to help rewire your nervous system in a more responsive and resilient way – a more flexing way. TREAT YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM - GIVE IT A NEW HELPFUL HABIT! Repeat! Repeat! And repeat some more!..... Because all habits are the result of lots of repetition of behaviour.

AND...... a great way to help children do this is that old favourite "I Spy with my little Eye."


Another good and simple action to take is to move your toes slowly and gently as though:

• to claw the floor, (lifts the ball of the foot off the floor due to plantar flexion whilst the heel remains on the floor), and then
• to fully extend your toes, (pushes the ball of the foot into the floor).

Alternating these movements works to stimulate the muscles on the sole of your foot around the acupuncture point Kidney-1, (Yong Quan). This acupuncture point is known as a resuscitation point. In Taoist terms it works to send Yin, (nurturing, grounding energy) upwards and Yang, (stress energy) downwards. And..... it is the Kidney energy that is responsible for anchoring your breath in your body so, as for Ventral Vagal Orienting above, working your toes in the way described is likely to invite a deeper inward breath and an opening of your breathing.

Finally, moving toes in such a way also links to movement of the feet for walking and running, i.e. the flight response. In that sense it can act to reconnect your traumatised neurophysiology to a choice it had previously locked down in freeze.

Like using Ventral Vagal Orienting, it’s a good habit and ritual to develop to do toe flexing at regular intervals through the day to encourage the building of flex in your nervous system.

And, a great way to do this with children might be to play a game of "Toes not Fingers" where they try to pick up small objects with their feet.

For more ways to stimulate your VV you might wish to check out the following link:
Although I wouldn’t recommend “Cold Exposure” as I feel this actually instigates the DV response and that really won’t be helpful for those who already hold a lot of freeze in their neurophysiology.
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Livity Rising

Michael Meade joined Russell Brand for a recent interview on his Under the Skin podcast. Their conversation explored a wide landscape of topics, including how myth can make meaning during this time of great change and the way that finding our genius can help transform the world. The full interview can be found at Luminary. ... See MoreSee Less

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Livity Rising

RIZE x KUMAR GOFUND ... See MoreSee Less

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