Livity Rising

Livity Rising is a healing arts, community service organization committed to making Holistic Wellness Services accessible, equitable, and inclusive.

Livity is the life force that exists within and flows through all living things. Livity is a Rastafari concept meaning “lifestyle” or way of life. In the context of Livity Rising, it’s being open, connected, and creative with your life; the quest to live with reverent ingenuity and reciprocal blessings. A positive livity signifies living in harmony with Self, Community and Nature in ways that support the health and wellbeing of the Earth and all life.

The impact of Reggae music and Rastafari have been an integral part of the lives of many of our team members. The sweet rhythms and powerful lyrics of Reggae music have uplifted, soothed and deeply inspired us. Reggae, which has deep roots in Rastafari spiritual beliefs and practices, spreads the message of “One Love,” unity and the need for human kind to dismantle oppressive systems across the globe. “The message is in the music.” Ras Timote Peterson (LR Advisory Board member)

Free Community Wellness Events

Taking Care

On Sunday, 9/26, we partnered with the Black Health Matters Initiative & the Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center to bring a variety of health and wellness services to the community. We offered free Chiropractic Care, Community-Style Acupuncture, Cupping, Acupressure, Chair Massage, Reiki and more. There was also free produce provided by Second Harvest Food Bank, live music and other health and wellness services. 1060 River St Suite #110, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Free Community Healing Clinic

On Saturday, July 17, 11am-2pm in Boulder Creek, we offered integrative health services by our newly formed Community Alliance for Resilience and Equity (CARE Mobile Wellness Clinics), a collaboration of three organizations including Integrative Healers Action Network, Acupuncturists Without Borders and Livity Rising

This free event provided trauma support and healing TLC for folks impacted by the CZU Lightning Complex Fire last year.

Stay tuned for more mobile wellness clinics that will be offered by CARE throughout the summer!

Guided Meditation & Video Premiere with Sarah Cruse

In honor of the Winter Solstice Sarah Cruse lead a Guided Meditation via our FB live stream. Additionally, she generously made a free hour long Nervous System Support and Trauma Clearing Meditation Video which is on our YouTube channel. Core Repatterning Meditation | Supporting our Nervous System and Releasing Trauma: Core Repatterning is a guided meditation with somatic depth that is intended to liberate the nervous system from patterns of trauma.

Nuts and Bolts of Functional Movement with Cody Jussel

On Sunday, 11/29, Cody covered the nuts and bolts of movements that are fundamental to the human experience. We all hinge, squat, kneel, rotate, and ambulate every day all day. In this workshop you will learn about some guidelines that will make these movements work for everybody and every ability. No previous movement experience necessary.

Self-Massage, Acupressure & Qi Gong for Stress Relief

Sunday, 9/6, 10-11am via Livity Rising Facebook Livestream, Philips lead us through nourishing self-care exercises including Qi Gong, acupressure for lung health and stress relief, and self-massage to release tension from the body. Check out Phillip's class to learn a routine you can practice for yourself anytime to foster your health and vitality in challenging times!

5 Element Meditation with Marianne Benforado L.Ac.

On Sunday, October 4th, Marianne led us through 3 short and simple guided meditations that support folks to ground and refill their energy reservoir. Each of the meditation techniques are meant to serve as tools that can be used daily, or whenever you need to come back to your center and to a state of tranquility. No experience necessary.

Feel Good Pilates with Summer Doty

This was a fun, functional movement class based in the Pilates Method. Summer’s teaching style is nurturing, encouraging and empowers her clients to learn their way into better fitness, health, and an overall better life experience. She loves Pilates for its whole-body approach and focus on mindful movement with deep breathing.

Meditation, Movement, Mindfulness with Nadine Lollino

On Sunday, 11/22, we had a gentle, playful movement class presents tools to unwind any dysfunctional posture patterns resulting from our daily emotional and mental stresses. We utilized breathing and meditation exercises, mindfulness, and a friendliness toward ourselves. Everyone is welcome regardless of yoga or somatic background. A yoga mat or blanket is recommended and comfortable clothing. 

CZU Fire Support

Check out our comprehensive offering of FREE wellness resources.

Our Response
to Systemic Racism:

Dear Community,

Our Livity Rising family feels deep grief over the many Black (and Brown) lives lost due to racial injustice. We stand in solidarity with the groundswell of action against racism and believe it is our duty to demand and work for systemic change to end the epidemic of racism and blatant inequality.

We strive to be part of the solution. We pledge to seek, learn, listen, and to rise up against systems of racism and injustice wherever we can. We must root out the deep unconscious racial bias and white supremacy that permeates our culture. We will support policies that help to eliminate racial inequality, speak up for and continue to be of service to those persecuted based on the color of their skin.

We acknowledge there is a lot of work to be done. We are inspired by the voices of change, and we join them in the hope of seeing racism totally eradicated. This time of crucial uprising deepens our commitment to our mission of making Holistic Wellness Services equitable and accessible to all members of the communities we serve. 

COVID-19 Response:

Dear Community,

We are here and we care! Our team is available by phone, email, and video. Some in-person services are also available. Our pracititioners strictly adhere to Covid-safe protocols. Additionally we are hosting a series of free Community Wellness Workshops & Classes and we have created comprehensive virtual Holistic Wellness Resources which include Self-Care support videos a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Wellness booklet (en Espanol), and many other self-care tools. 

Carrying out our mission to foster well-being, healing, and connection remains crucial as we strive to support and uplift one another through this uncharted territory. In these uncertain times, together we’re better. 

Be well, friends,

Livity Rising

Self-Care Videos

For more self-care videos, please visit our YouTube channel.

Feeling Stressed?

Relax and find relief with our Holistic Wellness Resources.

Recent Events

Can’t Stop the Music, an online festival by California Roots, happened Memorial Day weekend, offering 3 days of Music, Holistic Wellness, Art & Community. Livity Rising provided Wellness Sessions in the form of Self-Care tutorials.

Backstage Wellness Services

Free Community Healing Clinics

 Pay It Forward!

Monetary gifts and donations are greatly appreciated and support the plethora of free  wellness services we provide to those in need.