Free Community Healing Clinics

Livity Rising offers ongoing Community Healing Clinics in Santa Cruz County and beyond. We have offered 70 free Community Clinics in the past 7 years. We regularly partner with Community Service Agencies and nonprofits to bring Holistic Wellness to underserved populations. Some of our partners are: Center for Farmworker Families, Long Term Fire Recovery Group, Permaculture Action Network, Walnut Avenue Family and Women’s Center, Inner Light, Second Harvest food distribution, Homeless Garden Project, Tannery Arts Center, the Resource Center for Nonviolence, the Santa Cruz Arts Council, Healing Clinic Collective, the Live Oak Family Resource Center, Holistic Veterans, Food Not Bombs, Santa Cruz AIDS Project, Operation Love Our Vets, Homeless Project Connect, CalWORKS, and more.

The intensity of the times deepens our intention to support the transformation of trauma into resilience and recovery. We intend to expand our ability to provide Holistic Wellness Services to our communities. One way we are expanding our reach is by creating a plethora of free digital wellness content and self care resources.  We love serving our community! 

Livity Rising Community Clinics:

Clients, Events, and Partners

Livity Rising offered a Free Healing Clinic in collaboration with the Permaculture Action Network and Camp Fire Restoration Project as a response to the Camp Fire of November 8, 2018. Rising Apalachia offered a private concert and joined us as boots on the ground in this productive and inspiring day community, healing and permaculture action.

 Pay It Forward!

Monetary gifts and donations are greatly appreciated and support the plethora of free  wellness services we provide to those in need.