Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward!

We appreciate your monetary gifts and donations.

Supporting Our Work:  We are raising funds in order to meet the growing need for Compassionate Holistic Care in historically underserved communities and for those affected by ongoing disasters and emergencies. Our current efforts include impacted communities in the Santa Cruz Mountains, the North Coast, Watsonville, and Santa Cruz. We seek funding to cover the cost of the basic needs to continue our no-cost work. All donations directly support our current projects and enable greater sustainablity as we see our long term goals to fruition.


Current Funding Priorities


1)  Basic Supplies for Onsite Community Relief Clinics:

– PPE: Gloves, Face Masks and Shields
– Cleaning Supplies: Hand and surface sanitizers, Disinfectant Sprays, Paper towels
– Thermometers and health screening supplies
– Infrastructure: Pop-up tents, Treatnent Chairs, Tables
– Treatment Supplies: Acupuncture supplies, herbal medicine, massage salves and oils, treatment table supplies and covers, etc (practitioners donate and use supplies from their personal practices otherwise)
– Media and Communication: Ipad and protective case, paper, ink cartridges
– Community Wellness: Push Pots, Compostable Tea Cups, Herbal Teas

2) Scholarships for low-income community members to receive free individual sessions and specialized care from a large range of modalities.

3) Leadership (Organizers & Managers) and Practitioner Stipends:

This reimburses minimum expenses for time, travel, technology costs, supplies, and the intellectual resources it takes to provide free and donation-based services through in-person clinics, self-care tutorial documents and videos, and our free Community Wellness Workshops and Classes. All offerings thus far have been donated on a volunteer basis. Minimum stipends will make it possible to sustain and expand our work.

4)  Purchase a shuttle bus or a van for Mobile Clinics:

A shuttle bus or a large van will enable us to meet immediate needs to provide services onsite when there is an urgent need or emergency. A mobile clinic would accomodate travel and transport of practitioners, admin and supplies.

How your monetary gifts make an impact

We hope to meet the continuing and increasing demand for our services by raising $5,000-$20,000. In donating to us, it allows us to share our resources, as we strive to:

• Build sacred community space for individual and community healing

• Build relationships and ally ourselves with organizations and agencies to support their mission of community outreach

• Build relationships and ally ourselves with the healer within each individual and promote self-healing

• Give authority to the process of healing, restoration, and recovery, with a recognition that the process is dynamic, on-going, multi-dimensional and complex

• Co-create a sense of unity within communities that is based in our shared human experience as ever-evolving beings, and connection as part of a sacred contract

• Share resources for mutual well-being and reciprocity that stem from many respected and shared traditions, perspectives, and modalities

• Be good citizens to our community members now, and good ancestors to future generations as we view healing as a process and not a single event

In short, we strive to make the richness and wisdom of compassionate holistic medicine & wellness accessible, equitable, and inclusive to all. In donating, you become an ally to our work and an ally to communities who are asking for support during this time.


Support the Word Sound Power Collective 

We gift 5% of all donations we recieve to the Word Sound Power Collective; a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Their mission is to organize and mobilize the Rastafari community and other like-minded peoples to provide support to Rastafari Elders at home and abroad. This support includes providing for basic needs like food, clothes and shelter as well as needs of a medical nature. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the hungry be fed, the naked clothed, the sick nourished, the aged protected and the infants cared for.


W.S.P.C. Programs:

Rastafari Ancient Support Fundraising (RAS)
-Fundraising to support daily needs and necessities including food, clothes and shelter. These efforts are initiated for a specific period of time.
Ancients Medical Assistance Fund (AMA)
-Fundraising to support immediate and emergency medical needs. This fundraising is ongoing and donations are accepted at any time.

 Pay It Forward!

Monetary gifts and donations are greatly appreciated and support the plethora of free  wellness services we provide to those in need.